Our Owner

Paul Kinan began his journey as an entrepreneur at the young age of 16, as he started his first business, Orange County Fence. For 28 years, with the help of his family and friends, Paul led Orange County Fence to become one of Southern California’s leaders in residential fence construction. Founded on the principals of honesty, diligence, and quality craftmanship, Orange County Fence flourished. Along the way, Paul ventured out to become the owner of restaurants, landscaping companies, and even a baseball card shop.

The day finally came when Paul sold his fence company and began looking for his next venture. That quest came to an end when he teamed up with Rick and Pamela Stephens, owners of Business & Health Insurance Services. Together, along with the help of Brendan Moore and Manny Ramirez, they were able to turn an agency focused on group benefits into a one stop shop for family and business insurance.

The agency has since grown by a factor of ten, with no signs of slowing down. The heart and soul of the agency is the team Paul has assembled. This group of dedicated agents is what carries the agency and allows Paul to do what he loves: to build relationships that lead to personal and professional success for all parties involved.